5 Signs and Symptoms That You’re Liver Is Not Well!

5 Signs and Symptoms That You’re Liver Is Not Well!

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The human liver is the more important organ for the digestive system. Besides flushing toxins out of the bloodstream, it has many other functions, including production of bile. Liver diseases are often hard to detect in the initial stages, because there aren’t many tell-a-tale signs for most conditions. In this post, we will talk about signs of liver damage.

  1. You feel tired all the time. If you are feeling like that for no apparent reason, check with one of the reliable digestive and liver disease consultants. A regular checkup and a few blood tests can help in treating liver conditions in time. If you are diabetic, have thyroid issues or high blood pressure, you should get your liver checked periodically.

  1. You have jaundice. Patients with liver ailments may suffer from a jaundice – a condition that causes changes in skin color and whites of the eyes. Your skin may appear to be yellowish, and you may have similar color in the urine. It happens because a substance called bilirubin is not processed by the liver normally. The buildup of bilirubin eventually leads to jaundice. Talk to your doctor if you have low fever and changes in skin and urine color.

  1. You have abdominal pain and swelling. If you have pain in the upper part of the abdomen, it might be a sign of liver damage. Some people do have additional swelling in the region, as well. The pain will subside with a painkiller, but if you see this happening frequently, do check with an experienced doctor.
  2. You are prone to bruising. The liver produces a few proteins that essential for blood clotting, and when the liver is not working normally, you may tend to bruise or bleed more than usual. While this is a disorder of the blood, it is related to the liver and must be checked for. You may have spider-like vein marks on the chest.

  1. You don’t like your food anymore. In case of advanced liver damage, the patient might not feel like eating food. Loss of appetite and unexplained are two known symptoms of liver conditions, although it might be related to other digestive issues with them. Do not take a chance if you have such feelings with nausea and abdominal pain. In some case, it might be related cirrhosis too.

Check online to find a clinic near you and don’t forget to get the tests done!

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