Best Fitness Trackers For Males

Best Fitness Trackers For Males

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Like a man you have to be fit that you should retain your sexy look. Among the best methods for tracking your fitness levels is to apply an exercise tracker. Here are the best trackers on the market:

Withings pulse

It’s 1.5 inches in dimensions and rectangular fit. It helps with recording steps taken, stairs rose, time active, calories expended, and sleep patterns. Among the best options that come with the unit is it is able of displaying your heartbeat. To get this done you simply need to press your finger around the device.

It’s not hard to use and you may easily sync it to the partner application. To really make it simple to use, it has an OLED touchscreen. Additionally, it has a lengthy battery existence therefore, it’s not necessary to continue charging battery every occasionally.

As the system is great to possess like a man, it’s one major flaw: you are able to sync it just via its application.

Fitbit Flex

This can be a narrow sensor that’s usually installed in a removable rubber bracelet. The unit helps with allowing you to track steps, sleep, and calories expended. It is also waterproof therefore, you will get into water with no problems.

The disadvantage by using it is it lacks an Vast screen as well as an altimeter. Additionally, it does not track the steps travelled. It is going for $100 in the company’s website.

Basis band

This can be a data king that is included with four sensors that help with monitoring the center rate, sweat levels, and temperature. Additionally, it posseses an application that can help you in tracking your present goals. The primary flaw from the device is it has precision problems.

It is going for $200 in the company’s website.

Misfit shine

This can be a sophisticated metal disc that you simply clasp for your clothes. The disc helps with tracking steps, calories, and distance travelled. It offers a superior notifications using a ring of small lights which are towards the top of the disc. To upload any information you simply need to connect the disc for your iPhone and also the device will sync instantly.

Nike Fuelband

It’s available in three different wrist sizes and all that you should do is to find the one which pleases the most. To trace your level of fitness you have to put on the tracker and also the in-built accelerometer tracks everything physical that you simply do.

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