Cooking is one of the Best Ways to Get Relief from Stress

Cooking is one of the Best Ways to Get Relief from Stress

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While cooking is not for everyone, for those who do, cooking is a stress relief activity that is actually good for you as well as your wallet. Moreover, for many cooking is actually fun. For one thing, mental health experts say, cooking helps relieve depression, anxiety, and any eating disorders.

Furthermore, the act of cooking (namely: chopping, whisking, stirring) is meditative. Also, cooking leads to an improved diet. And, studies show a healthier diet leads to higher levels of the happiness hormone, serotonin.

Most of all, psychologically, cooking is a behavioral activation. In the first place, to put together a good meal, you have to be totally engaged and your mind totally present in the activity. Also, you need to taste your food, make snap judgements, and increase or decrease cooking temperatures. Moreover, cooking is a positive mindful activity that is filled with easy to achieve goals.

Above all, creatively, you are losing yourself to the flow of the cooking process. And that’s healing in itself. Furthermore, cooking is a chance to flourish and shine at what you do best. Also, cooking’s relatively easy learning curve gives you a sense of personal growth and mastery.

Finally, cooking satisfies the immediate physical need to prepare meals. As well, cooking offers quick gratification. Most of all, because you are able to control the amount of salt in the food, eating those meals helps reduce your blood pressure.

Other popular methods to get relief from stress are illustrated in the infographic.


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