Providing the Right Protection for your Hands

Providing the Right Protection for your Hands

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A multitude of hand creams with various functions can be found in the market today, and often, consumers are spoilt for choice. Some of these hand creams are able to protect against the sun (SPF), hydrate and moisturise, brighten and repair, exfoliate to remove dead cells, and even helps in reducing the discomfort in eczema. For consumers who are looking to combine any of these options together, they may turn to multifunction hand creams.

The different kinds of ingredients used

It is common to find many different ingredients combined together to create a hand cream, and the most common ingredient you would find is Shea butter. It is known for its moisturising properties where it helps the cells contain more water so the skin feels less dry. You are able to buy L’Occitane hand cream in Malaysia where there are different blends available. Manufacturers often have a blend of natural herbs, plants and even fruits like: grapefruit, lemon, rosemary, rose, palmarosa, clary sage, ylang ylang, jasmine, mung bean, etc.

Protecting your hands and nails

Most hand creams are manufactured to offer protection to your hands and nails from the sun or dry weather. To maintain the skin on your hands, the recommended advice is to slather it on your hands before you go to bed, or before heading out to a sunny area. By regularly applying hand cream, you will notice that the fine lines are reduced, the skin at the back of your hands will look firmer, and your hands will not be as dry anymore.


The scents from various hand creams can play a part in your olfactory sense: the smell of lemon can enhance your mood from a tiring and long day at work. The smell of lavender can help calm you down when you are in emotional turmoil. The smell of stronger herbs like peppermint can even invigorate the mind and promote a clearer thought. When choosing a hand cream, consider the different types of aroma available for different moods.

Free from harmful chemicals

Ensure that your hand cream is made largely out of organic ingredients and it should not contain harmful chemicals like: phthalates, parabens, triclosan, formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate. While it is not possible for some hand creams to be free of some of these chemicals, try to look for alternatives which may utilise organic and natural ingredients to minimise the harmful impact on your health.

The perfect gift

You have a friend’s birthday coming up, an incoming gift-exchange party, or even to surprise your parents with a gift, and you are undecided in purchasing a gift for them. A hand cream normally is a versatile gift that can be used by both sexes and even people of all ages. There are many options of combining hand creams with other skin care products and they are often beautifully wrapped, in order to be presented as a gift.

Many people usually spend their time and effort in caring for their face, but they have conveniently left out caring for their hands as it might not seem like an important thing to do. In years to come, the difference can be seen when wrinkles and fine lines start to appear on the back of the hand, due to harsh weather conditions or climates.

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